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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010

Thinking back on my past experiences with Draong*Con, I am reminded how great it was when it was just a girl's weekend and how last year we had 7 friends essentially staying in the same hotel room on and off.

This year has been so low key. I managed to take the entire week off and had some extra quality time with my best friend who moved to Atlanta a few years ago. We have serriously eaten our way though Atlanta. We went to 2 nationwide famous burger joints, had some amazing barbecue, and some great homemade italian. Not to mention the mexican a few nights ago with the cheap pitchers or margaritas. And Dragon*Con hasn't even started yet.

I do miss everyone and I wish they were here to have fun and relax with me. I hope they can make it next year.

. . . Pictures to follow (or see them now on FB).


PS Did I mention the hour long foot and leg massage? No? :D It was awesome

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