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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mac n Cheese Quest Begins!

Starting off on my quest took me to South Tampa to a little place called the Lodge. I came for the Mac n Cheese but I fell in love with their American Sushi. Ohhhhh Boy!

I ordered the BBQ Mac n Cheese (TV Dinner style) and my husband tried their Hillsburger Sushi roll.

First things first, the BBQ Mac n Cheese was good! but not my style. My side items were their sweet potato French fries drizzled with honey and powdered sugar (soooo yum), broccoli (tasted smoky, didn't care for it), and a mallow brownie (soggy).

The sushi roll, the Hillsburger to be exact, was something else entirely. Who was the genius that said I'm going to take some classic food tastes and roll them in rice? Brilliant! The Hillsbuger was hamburger meat, bacon, and onions rolled into a rice sushi shape with a creamy (Velveeta consistency) cheese sauce for dipping. WOW! I craved this so hard that night I made my husband take me back the next day.

Would you look at that food porn! The ewwy gooey cheese sensuously clinging to the rice, but just melty enough to teasingly drip off the bottom. Mmmmmmmmmmm……………..

The very next day we ordered the Hillsburger, the Fiery Buddha, Biggy Piggy, and Rollin' Buffalo. I can't be as exact with the ingredients on these but the fiery Buddha was essentially steak and mushrooms; the biggy piggy was essentially mojo pork Cuban-esque; and the Rollin' buffalo was boneless buffalo hot wings complete with celery and a bleu cheese dipping sauce.

The waitress we had on Saturday was phenomenal. If I wasn't so bad with names I would give her a shout out here. She bent over backwards to make sure we were having a great time and had everything we needed. The waitress Sunday was a little ditzy but at least we were taken care of.

Over all, I really enjoyed this place and I will definitely be craving that sushi something soon!

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  1. When the mac and cheese quest is done, I'm inviting you to blog about coming to my house for dinner. :)