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Monday, August 9, 2010

Cleaning the house

I HATE cleaning the house. I don’t have time to clean the house. I work 40-50 hours a week at a startup company with 5 (total) employees and we work our tushies off to make sure that our business is successful.

Shit really hit the fan right after hubs and I got married. We have all these wonderful gifts but no where to put them. So they piled up in our now useless dining room and the living room became writing central for all the thank you notes (which took exactly 3 months. Thank you, please drive through).

I was feeling so overwhelmed and didn’t even know where to start when I read my friend’s blog at Kibble n' Dribble. I have no idea if she knows I even read it, but it’s cute and I love hearing about her growing family. So in this post she talks about FLYing and I decided to check it out. I started FLYing on June 24th by shining my sink, and I have been hooked ever since. It’s such a load off my mind to do something small every day (usually no more than 15 minutes a day) and slowly watch my house transform into a home, a CLEAN home. You would be amazed at what you can do in 15 minutes: and it really is 15 minutes, the website recommends that you time yourself and stop when the timer is up.
You plan your weekly chores ahead of time and concentrate on one zone of your house at a time. The website says you can have your home pretty clean in 3 months and, being in month 2 I agree with them! My toilets, showers, mirrors, carpets, sinks, and bed are cleaner now than they have ever been in my entire life. The point is not to wait until this stuff gets dirty and overwhelm yourself with cleaning the entire house. That makes you hate cleaning and avoid it.
The other night, per flylady’s suggestions, I cleaned the top of my fridge (took like 15 minutes!). Let me point out, that since I have lived with my husband, the top of the fridge has NEVER been cleaned . . . and now it is. The shit that accumulated (papers, receipts, grill lighter, JUNK) has been removed and now I have a very attractive place for my husband’s bouncy ball collection and the clock I bought him for his birthday/father’s day present.
It’s all about baby steps and I recommend that you check this program out, if you have ever felt overwhelmed with cleaning the house. Do I do everything the website recommends? No! I am not a sheep! But I tailor it to my cleaning needs. It means my sink isn’t shiny every day, but its CLEAN.

It’s not necessarily a woman’s job anymore to clean the entire house, but someone has to show initiative and start cleaning and show pride in one’s home. I promise the rest of your family members will follow. How do I know? Last weekend, my husband took apart our dryer and cleaned all the parts and vacuumed out the laundry area ON HIS OWN!


  1. I love that website. Ill admit, I havent been following the program exactly lately, but I still do one thing a day plus my "daily" list. Everything is so much cleaner and I feel confident that the house is presentable when people come over unannounced. And other members of the household do follow suit...even if they dont realize they are doing it.

  2. I agree completely. If I don't like the daily challenge, I make one up. I cleaned my doorknobs in my house this week. They were filthy! You wouldn't believe how black my rag was when I was done.